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Cartoon Workshops

A cartoon workshop can open a wealth of creative possibilities?


So what can it do? 


• To be able to support work on relevant National Curriculum projects


• To fit into a scheme of work, an ongoing school project or the start of a new one


• To be part of a programme of events (eg World Book Day or School Book Week)


• Form evidence to support a body of work that can be used during inspections


• To develop pupils creative ability and build confidence.


A day's visit to a school is always great fun and a rewarding experience for all involved.  Working with the children, the emphasis is on drawing 'live' rather than just showing printed images. By using a flip chart - large enough for everyone to see, we draw together. Each cartoon is broken down into a simple to follow formula that the children can easily follow to create their own cartoons.  I believe everyone has the ability to draw cartoons and this technique achieves results.


Prior to a workshop taking place I liaise with the key personel and provide rough pencil artwork to make sure that everyone is happy with the content. Sessions can be tailored to the individual needs of the school/class.  I bring my own equipment with the exception of a interactive whiteboard and drawing materials for the children.    


I have worked with schools and organisations across North Wales delivering creative cartoon workshops. If you would like to know more about a workshop or have any questions please feel free to contact me on 0784 372 9243 or email me at studio@teviotdale-illustrations.co.uk

Examples from various cartoon workshop